Are you pet friendly?
If your furry friend isn’t taller than our tables, he will be more than welcome in our restaurants.
Can we come only to grab a drink?
For legal reasons we don’t own a liquor license therefore we are not allowed to serve only alcohol.
Can we privatize for a special event?
It is not possible to book the entire place, but if you want to celebrate a birthday or special event in our restaurant, feel free to contact us at hello@tigermilkgroup.com and we will do our best to accommodate you.
When should we best arrive to avoid waiting?
Pro tip, come in early ! First services (12.15pm and 7.00pm) are the most suitable times to arrive. Otherwise come in for the second service around 9.45pm to increase your chances of getting a table.
Do you offer vegetarian options?
Sure thing ! Our tacos, guacamole, nachos and salads (quinoa and green salad) are suitable for a vegetarian diet.
At what time do you stop serving?
From Monday to Friday our kitchen closes at 2.15pm and 10.30pm. On week-ends we close at 2.45pm and 10.45pm.
Can we order take-out?
For the moment, we only offer take-away service at the Tigermilk Brussels and Paris Canal St-Martin.
How do I pay the bill?
We only accept credit cards (and restaurant vouchers for weekday lunchtimes), we do not take cash!
Do you accept luncheon vouchers?
Yes we do, only for lunch from Monday to Friday.